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 RC and Toni Lee have been proudly married for 35 years. We were married on October 23rd 1976 in Orlando, Florida at my parent’s home (Bishop Josh and Lillie Leonard) by Bishop Henry Leonard.  RC was 23 and I was three days shy of 20.  We have two sons.  Sage Christopher, now 32 and divorced; who has one daughter, our sweet granddaughter, Lyric Rene and Casey Raynard 27 and single.


We were introduced through a mutual friend of ours at a local social club, The New York Times.  RC said, when he shook my hand he new we had a connection.  Little did we know what we would have to endure to really be connected. 

In the year 1977 John and Cassandra met through some friends of John's cousin Henry. During the picnic at Prospect Park, She drew her attention on John by throwing a cup of water on him. In response, he threw water back at me. Through that water exchange, we started dating. We dated about two years, then decided to get married. We married, April 13, 1979. We have been married now for thirty year. We have three children. Tisha Johnson is the oldest daughter from a previous relationship. Irene and Candra, from our relationship together and five wonderful grandchildren.

David & Betty met for the first time in the Carver Theatre in Orlando FL where they were introduced by Betty’ssister Jackie. We didn’t see each other very well that day because the theatre was dark. But the very next day David saw Betty in the light at Jones High School as she was pointed out by Jackie. David said he remembered saying, Wow, is that her? He asked Jackie to introduce them face to face and she did. A connection was made and they both knew something was happening. Betty’s thoughts were, ‘Oh My God he’s so cute’, David’s thoughts were, oh yes, without changing words he told his friend, ‘This is going to be my wife.’

Alonzo and Betty were married on April 16, 1994, at Carter Tabernacle in Orlando, Florida. They were married by his twin brother the late Bishop Alphonzo Hardeman.
Al and Betty often joke about our wedding date and our wedding anniversary date because neither one of us will ever forget it because it is the day after tax day each and every year.

Al and Betty also share another day very close to one another. They were both born in the same year a day apart. Betty was born on December 21st, and Al was born on December 22nd. He always tells her that she is the older woman.

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