Overseer Mary B. Lee   (1946 - 2008) We Love Our Mother!

Mary Lee, an ordained Overseer and extraordinary church mother and first lady of EBON Temple, the devoted wife of Bishop Thomas S. Lee, Jr. Overseer Lee has two sons Thomas III and Tremayne I and a growing family that includes (Ginene) Tristan and Thomas IV; (Erica) Tremayne II, Táz, and Trin, and Triniti.

Mary B. Lee was born and reared in Pavo, Georgia, where she completed her elementary and secondary education. After graduating from high school, she attended Albany State College in Albany, Georgia, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in business education.  She would later receive her master's degree from the University of Central Flordia in supervision administration and director of vocational education.

Working diligently to maintain a unified household, Mother Lee shows much love for her natural family, as well as her spiritual family. She, like the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31, "Looketh well to the ways of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness" neither in her natural home nor in the church house.


Overseer Lee exemplifies the qualities of Christ, including her desire to cause a people to be mindful of thethings of Christ and to walk worthy of the vocation in which they are called. Armed with the love of Christ in her heart, she seeks to cause others to elevate their minds and to be well-nourished Christians. She strives to let her light shine wherever she goes. Serving as counselor, mentor, motivator, and friend, Overseer Lee, saved since the age of eleven, spreads the word of God in a powerful but simplified manner.

As Overseer at EBON Temple, she serves as director of Church Affairs, which includes: organizing and planning church activities and church calendar, coordinating prayer service and prayer groups, mentoring in theMentor/Mentee Program, assisting the pastor in pastoral teaching and counseling, working with the couplesministry, education department, and youth department. She sings with the Bishop's Chorale and the Ebony Voices. Church Affairs includes the following ministries: Banner, Culinary Arts, Dance, Education Department, Couples and Singles Ministry, Women's Ministry, Prayer Groups (Prayer Night), Uniforms, Ushers, Youth Department, New Members Training, and Team VII (Outreach Ministry). Church Affairs also include the following ministries: The True Born Church of Christ-EBON, Pavo, Georgia; True Born Church of Christ, Live Oak, Florida; Many Mansions, Thomasville, Georgia; and Miracle Tabernacle, Orlando, Florida.

Overseer Lee has a great love for children. She spends much of her time with the children at Catalina Elementary School, where she is principal and she spends much time as an advisor to the youth at EBON Temple and other organizations.

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